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The iLaw Blog is designed to bring you the latest legal news and information relevant to Texas. Clients can use our blog as a resource to find answers, insight, and updates. Use this to find our archive of #TeachingTuesday and #WeWednesday content.

3 Errors to Avoid for your Green Card Process

As a person born outside of the United States who wishes to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization, you must obtain a green card if you want to move permanently to Texas or another part of the United States. Obtaining a green card is an important step in the immigration process. You may, however, do certain things that might put your green card at risk once you have it.

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Employment Law Implications for Remote Work

The pandemic made many employers realize that they actually can do business with a remote staff, but there are still many issues to untangle as remote and/or hybrid work continues. To help attorneys understand the nuances of employment law for these new work situations, Rocky Dhir welcomes business and employment trial lawyer Trang Tran. They discuss how today’s common work situations interact with current laws and offer advice for protecting both employers and employees.

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