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We all know how stressful a divorce can get. There are so many relations attached to a marriage that the people who are related to the couple get affected when it ends. Divorces can get quite complicated, especially when dealing with matters including allocation of marital property, custody of the children, spousal support and several other matters. 

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Divorce in Texas

A marriage can be defined as a legal relationship between a man and a woman in Texas. To dissolve a marriage in Texas, you will have to file a divorce petition in court. It must be kept in mind that a divorce process can get quite stressful and long, depending on whether or not the spouses are able to reach an agreement. In case the spouses cannot reach an agreement, then it is the duty of the court to decide for them. Our divorce attorneys will help you understand your rights, responsibilities, and the available options. 


Yes, dealing with a divorce can get overwhelming and frustrating, especially when the couple cannot agree on something. When it comes to family law rules and procedures, they are very complicated and strict in Texas. Making a small mistake can cost you your money and time, which is why we think it is better to get in consultation with our divorce attorneys in Texas to handle your matter with due diligence. 

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Grounds for Divorce in Texas

There are different grounds based on which you can file a divorce in Texas. There are two kinds of divorce:

  • Fault divorce
  • No-fault divorce

In a fault divorce, the person filing for the divorce needs to prove that their spouse has done something wrong, which justifies the dissolution of marriage. The spouse will be required to submit certain documents and witness testimony to prove their point in court. Whereas, on the other hand, no-fault divorces are more straightforward and easier to file. Some common grounds to file a divorce a Texas include adultery, cruelty, abandonment, and felony conviction. 

Division of Marital Assets in Texas Divorces

Like most states, divorces in Texas are also full of issues related to property division. The courts have the discretion to order an unequal property division, but mainly property gets divided equally between the spouses. 

We also handle Uncontested Divorce.

We want to inform you that our divorce lawyers can also deal with uncontested divorce matters. Uncontested divorce matters are those in which both parties have reached an agreement on all the issues. This is one of the quickest and affordable methods of divorce.

Contact our Divorce Attorneys in Texas

Divorce can get very complicated and emotionally challenging, which can cause people to act irrationally. Our divorce attorneys in Texas have the relevant knowledge and problem-solving skills that enable them to take upon divorce matters and fulfill the wishes of our clients. They are highly experienced and well-versed with the laws of Texas.

To initiate a consultation session, get in contact with our divorce attorneys if you need any legal advice.