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When someone passes away, family members and friends have enough to deal with. The best way you can make sure that the people you love most are taken care of after you leave is by creating a legal will. Through a will, you can divide your estate among your loved ones just the way you want to. 

If you have any questions regarding contesting a will or you want to draft a will, then you should get in contact with our attorneys who specialize in drafting wills in Texas.

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What is meant by a legal will?

A legal will is also known as an advance directive, which is a legal document that gives the bearer the right to state the final wishes for medical care, distribution of assets, financial wealth, etc. A lot of disputes arise in the absence of such wills in the event of death.

A will gives the right to the testator to identify how the estate should be divided among the successors in case the person dies. The estate includes tangible items such as home, furniture, car, jewelry, etc. It can also include monetary items such as saving stocks, bonds, savings, and checking accounts. 


Types of Will


There are generally different kinds of wills. 

1) Basic wills

2) Living wills


Basic or simple will are those wills that take effect when a person dies. Whereas the living wills take effect when either a person dies or is incapacitated. Incapacitation means the inability of a person to make decisions due to physical or mental reasons. It is always better to have living wills as they allow a person to decide who they want to look after their finances in incapacitation. 

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What happens without a Will in Texas?

When someone dies without making a will in Texas, the law dictates how that person’s assets are to be distributed. The Texas Estates Code will specify the heirs that will inherit the person’s property who died without a will. Many kinds of assets will require probate to be done in court so that assets can be properly distributed to the heirs.



Adding a Will to Your Estate Plan


You must be thinking about why a will is necessary; you already have an estate plan. A will is a written document that is legally binding and divides your assets after you are deceased. So, by putting your wishes in writing, you will be able to look after your family even after you pass away. In this way, you will save your family from having to fight over their inheritance. 

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