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Avoid Trouble When Traveling With a Weapon


Summertime is coming fast and traveling plans arriving soon. If you are planning to travel with a firearm, state and federal laws are clear and strict in this subject.

A special reminder that unlawful possession of a gun in an airport is a federal offense and transporting a weapon in the wrong way through an airport can also lead to an arrest, serious criminal charges, fines, and other consequences.

The correct way to carry a firearm in an airport
Texas adults must adhere to specific procedures if they intend to travel by air with a firearm. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the firearm needs to be placed in a hard, sturdy container and inside the checked baggage. The traveling will then need to declare the weapon and the ammunition with it to the airline during the moment they check in their checked bag.

This firearm must be housed in a secure container that cannot be easily accessed. The traveler is prohibited from taking ammunition in their carry-on baggage, even if kept separately from the weapon itself. Failure to abide these rules, even accidentally, can lead to serious consequences.

Defending against weapon charges
If a Texas defendant is facing charges results from firearm possession in an airport, it will be extremely beneficial to be accompanied by expert lawyers in their defense council. If convicted, it can truly make them face serious penalties. Make sure your rights are protected at each step of the criminal justice process. Reach out to our experienced criminal defense attorneys to help you against any weapons charge you or a loved one might be facing.

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