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Guide to an Immigration Bond

Guide to an Immigration Bond

An Immigration Bond is a financial payment that secures the release of a person currently detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). However, once released on an immigration bond, it does not signal the end of the deportation case.

The amount of the immigration bond is set by the Department of Homeland Security and it can vary depending on the particulars of the case. However, the minimum amount is $1,500.

Once you fulfill the payment and paperwork requirements, the detainee will be released. Although, be aware that the process can take some time.

Please note that immigration bonds cannot be paid in cash or personal check. To post a personal bond, individual inmates or defendants cannot post a personal bond themselves. However, iLaw can help you submit a request for release a bond to a judge.



In order to be eligible for an immigration bond, an individual must meet the following criteria:


If available, the immigration attorney will present evidence that proves that there is a lack of serious criminal activity, the detainee is financially stable, has strong family and community ties in America, has lived in this country for many years, and lacks a history of immigration violations, and has previously attended court.

A detainee will need someone who is over 18 and with legal status in the US to pay the immigration bond. This person acts as an obligor. The obligor will also be responsible for filling out any related paperwork that ICE requires for the bond release.



  1. HIRE US: If possible, try not to rely on a public defender. We have access to a list of attorneys you can connect with. These attorneys understand to communicate with our team about any offer deal with District Attorney.

    2. DO NOT PAY BOND: Avoid paying the state bond. This will make your loved one be transferred to immigration custody. A criminal attorney can assist you through this process. 

  2. GATHER EVIDENCE: Any documents or evidence that shines a positive light on your loved

one is needed. Examples of this would be tax returns and character reference letters.

  1. WE SUBMIT REQUEST FOR BOND: After submitting the form, the court will notify us when the court hearing will be.

  2. BOND HEARING: The judge will make a decision the same day.


  1. PAY BOND: Law requires the bond payment to be 100% in cashier’s check by a US citizen or permanent resident or hire a bail bond company outside of Texas.


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