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Tax Season is Around the Corner – How an ITIN Number can benefit you

ITIN Tax Season

Tax Season is Around the Corner – How an ITIN Number can benefit you


An ITIN Number is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number used as a tax ID number issued by the IRS for people who can’t get or don’t have a Social Security number.

This applies to those:

Living in another country as a spouse of a United States citizen and have plans to move to the U.S. one day or are currently living in the U.S. but are not eligible to have a Social Security number.

Applying to receive an ITIN number is the first step to help you or your spouse to do taxes accordingly. Obviously, an ITIN number does not offer the same benefits as an SSN would. However, it helps in the long term – especially those with plans for permanent residency and/or U.S. Citizenship.

How to Apply for an ITIN

For those who cannot get a Social Security Number, an ITIN Number is available to resident aliens, nonresident aliens, their spouses or dependents.  And can be done by filling out and submitting Form W-07. You can visit the IRS website for more information on how to apply through mail or in-person at an IRS office.

How does this affect me during Tax Season?

This can be such a common question, especially around now during Tax Season. Why get a Social Security number? Making sure you are complying with all of your tax obligations can have a big impact on your immigration case. Getting an ITIN number does not provide legal immigration status or work authorization. Though, it can be essential to ensure you are doing your duties to the country and paying your taxes properly.



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