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Texas Constitutional Carry Law

On September 1st, 2021, Texas law allowing a person over the age of 21 to carry a handgun without a license.  What does this mean?  A person that is lawfully allowed to carry a firearm can have on their possession a handgun either concealed or open carry.  Open carry does not mean that a person can walk around with a gun in their hand.  Instead, it means that a person can openly display their firearm that is holstered and secured.  Concealed carry means that the holstered firearm is hidden from public sight. 

To most gun owners that are already licensed, nothing has really changed.  This law does not create any new exceptions to people that are not allowed to carry.  Convicted felons that have not been pardoned by the governor are still not allowed to carry handguns. Background checks for purchasing a handgun is still required, and in most cases, have a few day waiting period before being able to actually possess the gun from the store that the handgun was purchased. 

In essence, the Constitutional Carry Law just gives those that do not want to go through professional handgun safety courses the opportunity to carry without that need.  It is still highly recommended to take a safety course, so that you know how to react in times of extreme pressure.

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