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What level of English do you need to become a citizen?


You’re finally ready to take the step towards becoming a citizen after being a legal permanent resident for a few years. One of the most important factors in the citizenship journey is English proficiency. During the naturalization exam, your English proficiency will be tested both verbally and in writing. But how good does your English proficiency need to be to pass this portion of the exam?

Perfection is not expected.
The English language is considered a very complex language, as you may know. Therefore, being 100% perfect in speaking and writing is not a requirement to pass the test.

What is being analyzed is if you have enough proficiency to live as a citizen of the U.S. Don’t panic if you are not completely comfortable speaking and writing in English. Increase reading and writing practices on simple sentences and you might get closer to passing than you’d imagine!

If all else fails, you get a second chance.
Anything can happen when you are nervous! Being in a much expected interview, the nerves take full control. It is so important to breath, stay calm and focus – specially as your name is called to the interview.

If you go blank or do not perform well in the English section of your interview, you can actually retake it for a second time 60 to 90 days after it, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Don’t be discouraged if the English requirement seem scary or strict. You can practice in multiple ways leading up to your interview to improve your proficiency and chances, but this should not let it get in the way of you becoming a citizen of the United States.

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