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Could a “U Visa” Be Right For You?


Immigrants can sometimes unfortunately be the targets of workspace abuse. Often times, immigrants choose to continue to live with workplace abuse because they depend on the money to live. If you are a victim of workspace abuse, the U visa is available to assist immigrants in that exact situation. 


See below the requirements for this type of visa and how maybe this is the right fit for you: 

1. You Were A Victim Of Workplace Abuse 

The U visa gives immigrants the opportunity to receive authorization to legally work and other perks. It is a great opportunity to make a living in a safe, fair work environment. If you have a history of suffering workplace abuse or some type of employer exploitation, the U visa might be a great alternative. 

2. You Are Willing To Collaborate with Law Enforcement 

The U visa is a program initiative to help reduce the national immigrant abuse. If you are applying for a U visa, you will collaborate with law enforcement to help reduce crime and keep these employers from exploiting and abusing other immigrants. You may be required to testify. Workplace abuse is just ONE of many immigration issues an immigrant might experience. 


Taking advantages of these opportunities is an important step towards acquiring a legal method of work, overcoming hurdles and helping others in similar situations as you. Contact us today to discuss different types of visa.

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